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Hypnotherapy put simply aids your own mind to heal both itself and the body.

Everybody has this ability but unfortunately the stresses of modern life tend to mask that little voice advising you the correct thing to do.

What a hypnotherapist does is guide the unconscious mind back to full strength

enabling it to heal both body and mind.

Despite what you see on television, you are aware the whole time of what is going on and at any time in the therapy you are in complete control. The experience of hypnosis is different person to person but, the experience mainly is a deep physical relaxation in their body and increase in their mental abilities afterwards.

Hypnotherapy has been around since ancient times.

The ancient Egyptians used it in "The Sleep Temples".

We can help with:


Stop Smoking Forever...... normally in just ONE session.

This is normally done in one session. However, I do offer a free second session to anyone feeling abnormally tempted to revert back to their bad old ways.

What I do is to increase your willpower and enhance ability to take back control of your life. You will experience becoming physically fitter, healthier and have more energy than you have had for a long time.

Just imagine being able to run for that bus without going puce in the face and struggling to breath OR imagine seeing someone you would like to know better and having the confidence to whisper sweet nothings to them without the fear of breathing stale tobacco over them at the same time..

I have a 99% success rate with my "Stop Smoking" Therapy.

Weight Control:

The best way to lose weight is naturally. I (together with your own unconscious mind) re-programme the conscious mind to eat healthily and in small amounts. This way your willpower is enhanced. Even if you wish to lose a large amount of weight, you will have the willpower to follow a healthy reducing diet and you will be in control of your eating habits. When you reach your goal weight you will revert to eating normally but healthily and in small amounts and you will find that you will have a more positive attitude towards a completely healthy lifestyle. .

Imagine walking into a room and feeling confident in the way you look OR going to buy a new outfit and knowing that it will look good on you even before trying it on.

One of the main causes of "falling off the wagon" in dieting is the feeling of going out of control yet again. I will help you regain that control.

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